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International Traveler: "We took a bottle of your wonderful repellent overseas to Thailand and Cambodia. It was a sad day when we ran out because nothing worked as good or smelled as great as your repellent. ...I tried other products after I ran out of yours and got munched."    - Katie B., SLC, Utah

Don't Bug Me! Natural Insect Repellent

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Don't Bug Me! Natural Insect Repellent customers are fiercely loyal!  

Gardener:  "...Upon trying your spray, my first thought was that it sure did smell better than the repellents I had been using. Later, I was down on my hands and knees working with plants and I thought it was so nice not to have mosquitoes out today. Then I looked up and saw a swarm of them circling overhead but not landing.  I have been using only Don't Bug Me! ever since." -W C., Blacksburg, VA


Biologist: "My fiancé and I recently traveled into the Amazon jungle in Equador. The warm, humid environment enables mosquito populations to thrive, especially in the flooded rainforest and marsh zones. I have never felt comfortable using DEET-based insect..."

World Travelers

Forester: "I am food for bugs - ticks, chiggers, flies, & mosquitoes, most of which carry other parasites - that all want a piece of me. For years I shunned all bug sprays, but when you pull off a hundred ticks (literally)... you begin looking for something.  Not kidding at all, this Don't Bug Me! stuff

Dog Owner: "We have been using your "Don't Bug Me!" for our dogs for about 6 weeks, and we have not seen a single tick or flea - our dogs are VERY active and spend a good amount of time jumping in high grasses, hiking with us in the woods and swimming...."

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