Don't Bug Me! Natural Insect Repellent

Natural Pest Control tips for your Horse and Stable:

The BAD STUFF: Many stable sprays are so toxic that you might feel unwell just inhaling them.  They frequently contain pyrethroid permethrin, which is a possible carcinogen and a suspected endocrine disruptor.  Animal studies with just small amounts of permethrin have shown immunotoxicity!     In plain language - you don't want to be near these or inhale them. Stable sprays also can be expensive and their nasty ingredients are ultimately damaging to your horse.  Additionally they can kill beneficial animals living in and around your stables like frogs, barn swallows, and good bugs. You may have tried homemade sprays, although many of them do not work.

In addition to using less harmful alternatives like Don't Bug Me!, try these tips to reduce pests in your horse's home.

  • Clean stalls frequently. Manure and urine that is left to sit in piles will attract flies.
  • Try beneficial insects to control flies around your stable area.
  • Muscovy ducks can help control flies in the barn. These ducks are bug eating machines and will deftly catch flies and other insects. They are also will catch mice, believe it or not.
  • For rats and mice, consider keeping a friendly barn cat.  Poisons are a bad idea, because predators like a pet cat or dog may eat a poisoned rodent and become sick themselves.
  • Avoid leaving spilled grain or feed on stall floors.  Mice and unwanted rodents can also spoil food by soiling on it.
  • Avoid cedar shavings, although known for reducing flies, many horses have adverse reactions.
  • Read labels: Although many pest control products advertise themselves as being natural, "natural" does not always mean safe. Pyrethroids are a case in point.  Although plant based - pyrethroid compounds have been shown to be highly toxic.

"Many stable sprays are so toxic I don't want to inhale them, but will "Don't Bug Me!" work on those nasty biting flies?"

Don't Bug Me! makes an excellent horse fly spray!  Unlike toxic stable sprays,  it even works as a barrier spray to use in barns, horse stalls, and even pet bedding.  Enjoy using Don't Bug Me! to protect young horses too.  Keeps biting flies, horse flies, midges, gnats, and mosquitoes at bay so that you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.  Hours of protection without harmful pyrethrin, or DEET!

Can I finally enjoy trail rides without using chemical insect repellents on my horse?