Don't Bug Me! Natural Insect Repellent

Moosely Mountaineering

12170 Dornan Road

Moose, WY 83012


Note: Roger & Gayle Tiller of Oregon have legally purchased the recipe for Don't Bug Me Natural Insect Repellent for use in their privately labeled product.

Birdsong Farm Booth

Blacksburg Farmers Market

Market Square Park

Roanoke Rd & Deloney St

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Open Wed 2-7 & Sat 8-2


Skinny Skis

65 West Deloney

PO Box 3610

Jackson, WY  



Shown here as a sign

Versatile Retail Store Displays are hand-painted on pine backdrops harvested from our farm. 

They can be used as a sign or a display unit.

The store display is shown here - holding over $200 of product.

Each hand-painted store display comes with both a base and a tray  - so that it can be used either way.

Back Country Ski and Sport

3710 South Main Street

Blacksburg, VA 24060


Harvest Moon Food Store

227 North Locust Street

PO Box 220

Floyd, VA 24091



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